Message from Chairman of Executive Committee


First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all Members of the Council Committee and the Executive Committee, especially Ir Ken Luk the preceding Executive Committee Chairperson for their support and continuous guidance over the transition period to ensure that a seamless and successful handover of the tenure was achieved.

Year 2020/2021 is challenging due to the Covid-19, which is a misfortune to  human being. It awakes us to re-think about the rationale behind the  intelligent buildings (IB) and the next we could do to help alleviating the spread of pandemics.


AIIB is forward-looking organization developing the Intelligent Building Index (IBI) assessment method since 2000 focusing in the sustainable development.   Moving towards her 21st birthday, AIIB continues to strive for the advancement of innovation and intelligent building technology. With partners engaging in global strategy in AI to participate in the  2022 International Conference on Intelligent Systems, Structures and Facilities (ISSF2022).  I anticipate that additional submissions can be attracted to the Intelligent Green Buildings Project Awards Competition jointly organised by AIIB and the Asia Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance (APIGBA).


Again, thank you all AIIB Members, Council and Executive Committees, partnering and peer organizations, associates and patrons for your valuable support and encouragement to help building a sustainable environment.













Ir Dr Alex Wah-Chuen HUI


Chairman of Executive Committee

Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings




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