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Development Of The Intelligent Building Index Manual (IBI)

Located at the heart of East Asia and serving as the “entrance” point of Greater China, we all recognize that Hong Kong is a place where building technology is moving towards the “artificially intelligent” in accelerating momentum.

Actually, unlike many of our neighborhood such as Singapore, our building industry did not have any formal or commonly adopted definition of Intelligent Buildings (IBs) before 2000. Recalled that one of AIIB's objectives is to raise the public understanding and encourage industry adoption of the principles and technologies of IB, and therefore, a Technical Committee was formed and worked on developing a scientific and quantifiable IB index that could serve as a tool to access the level of IB in an understandable and practicable way.



AIIB adopted the definition of IB as “An Intelligent Building is designed and constructed based on an appropriate selection of Quality Environment Modules to meet the User's Requirements by mapping with the appropriate building facilities to achieve a Long-Term Building Value”.

The IBI serves as our reference when assessing the level of IB of a building. By further elaborating the official definition of IBs, 9 Quality Environmental Modules are developed. Under each Module, a list of Elements affecting the performance of the Modules is also defined. To facilitate comparison of IBs by the building natures or needs of end-users, different weights are assigned to each Module according to the importance of it to the type of the building.


The Draft IBI

To gather the ideas from the expertise all over Hong Kong , copies of The Draft IBI were distributed to various professional bodies to collect the comments of IBI from both academic and practical views. Besides, a number of press conference, seminars and technical workshops were held to introduce the concept of The Draft IBI to the industry.

AIIB was glad to received a number of comments from many prestigious organization, they included Buildings Department, Urban Renewal Authority, MTR Corporation, CLP Power, Hong Kong Hosing Authority, Hong Kong Housing Society, The Hong Kong Construction Association Limited, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, The Institution of Fire Engineers, Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, Vocational Training Council, etc. Their invaluable comments were vital to the compile of the IBI 2.0.


 IBI 5.0

Intelligent Buildings have been developing for about 40 years since the 1980’s. As a succession to Johnson Controls Intelligent Building Research Centre established in City University of Hong Kong in 1997, The Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings (AIIB) was established in December 2000 by adopting the definition of Intelligent Buildings (IBs) proposed by the Research Centre, which is “An Intelligent Building is designed and constructed based on an appropriate selection of QUALITY ENVIRONMENT MODULES to meet the user’s requirements by mapping with the appropriate building facilities, termed Elements in the IBI Manual, to achieve long-term building value.

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