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  11 June 2016 Symposium on  “From Green Building to Smart City”   

Additional Information

  6 - 7 June 2016 APIGBA Award 2016 Excellent Intelligent Green Building Projects and Systems Awards  

Who is APIGBA?  

APIGBA (Asia Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance) was established in April 2014 to provide the intelligent green building technology with an academic and technology exchange platform in the Asia Pacific region, with the objective of promoting safety, health, convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and sustainable environment for people living in the region.

What is APIGBA Award - Excellent Intelligent Green Building Projects and Systems Awards?  

The APIGBA Award  - Excellent Intelligent Green Building Project and Systems Awards are presented biennially to inspire the innovation of Intelligent Green Buildings and Intelligent Systems in the country/region members of APIGBA. (Finalist Announcement)


  1. APIGBA Award / Intelligent Green Building Forum, 09:00H - 18:00H, 6th June 2016, City University of Hong Kong;

  2. AIIB 15th Anniversary and APIGBA Dinner, 18:30H - 22:00H, 6th June 2016, JW Marriott Hotel HK;

  3. Technical Visit to Excellent Intelligent Green Building Project and Systems in Hong Kong, 09:00H - 16:00, 7th June 2016

Event Brochure and Registration

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CPD Certificate

CPD (Continuous Professional Development) certificate can be applied on this Website after 9th June 2016.


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