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About AIIB

When AIIB is firstly introduced, people have some impressions of having AIIB duplication the functions of other institutes previously established in Hong Kong. AIIB is not only Its, not only BS, not only Energy, not only Efficiency, not only… AIIB covers a much broader and additional territories like Structure, Architectural, Safety, Environment, etc.

The most important is that AIIB echoes with the Government regulations, guidelines and practices in buildings. It acts as an independent and academic institute to offer consultancy, researches, reviews, feedback, practical advice, evaluations to the Community and the Government.


Core Mission 

To develop Asia's definition and standards for IBs

To act as an independent certification authority for IBs through the use of an intelligent buildings index (IBI).

To educate and promote the community benefits of IBs

To work with international counterparts to bring Asia up to date on developments in IBs.

IIBs have been growing in importance with people in the industry who understand the need to upgrade the management and operational systems of conventional buildings.


The successful adoption of IBs requires the support and involvement of the SAR Government, developers, contractors and property investors. Hong Kong should become the center of the Asian IB industry and take a leading role in its development through the SAR's own IB technologies and expertise.

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